Solving The Fake Profile Crisis

A Community-Driven Approach to Digital Identity

Protect Your Platform, Eliminate Fraud And Stop Reviewing Flagged Content


No Impersonation

Continuous identity proofing is stronger than a security gate; it means people cannot return if their accounts got turned off.

Trust Assurance

TruAnon provides immediate onboarding, freeing you from privacy liability and avoiding the need for review or dispute.

Adopting Open-Standards

A community-driven approach resonates with the values of transparency and member participation. Digital identity is a great solution —all you need are things people know you by—

TruAnon takes this a critical step further: it tabulates the depth of these interconnections and this rank/score makes you visibly trusted.

A "Credible" identity rank carries the same confidence as physical ID and transparency helps members build trust by sharing things about themselves that others can see and understand.

Behavioral Science

Voluntary yet transparent verify shifts the burden of trust, naturally benefitting the credible. Regular users find pleasure in the process, engaging with the system that empowers them, while fraudsters find the economics of their tactics undone.

In this way, Credible folks value achieving Genuine confidence, while fraudsters struggle to be Cautioned before declining to Dangerous rank. Users split along two paths: credible folks become more so, while those avoiding transparency become outliers.

Here's How This Works

Being visibly available to anyone means avoiding confirmation is as clear as having it, and this promotes interaction

What makes this unique is that reporting your rank and score makes you visibly trusted, even without displaying the properties used to boost that score

This is important because verifying as a clear, public choice engages the entire community, and natural behaviors compel users to follow one of two paths

The genius of this system lies in its simplicity: natural motivations safeguard the community and undermine the economic incentives of fraud. Results are immediate for any size community, fraudsters can't buy their way in, and the effort to sustain a fake presence is too costly to maintain in such a public way.

Fraud Experts Agree

"I've seen a lot of solutions, but this is different: It's like flipping a switch that stops the endless janitorial work of reviewing flagged content"
"Looking at it from a marketplace angle, community-driven identity really changes the game. It's all about transparency shifting the economic game plan, 📊💹 turning fraud into a no-win situation"
"This system taps into open-standards and uses members' own digital footprints to 'self identify', rendering fraud totally impractical in peer-marketplace services"
"The results speak for themselves, members make it work because everyone shares in the benefits"
"Our data shows that engaging the entire community in verification effectively eliminates the schemes that profit from profile fraud"
"It's fascinating how social behaviors create a self-regulating enviroment, 💡️🚫🕵️‍♂️ naturally filtering out deceptive profiles 😊"

Trust as a Service; A Simple API

Anti fake-profile software. A simple API that is like calling a weather service and presenting the temperature; no data is stored or processed, it doesn't change your service or how people use it.

It's proven to eliminate fraud, but there's no obligation or impact on removal.

The Verify-Option People Prefer

Unlock revenue from those unwilling or unable to surrender private documents and highlight profiles of even the newest accounts.

Features Traditional Verify TruAnon
Availability Available only to those with a valid government-issued ID and limited by region Available to anyone, globally
Process Done through third-party authority and requires review of private information Owned and controlled by the individual, not tied to any authority for review or judgement
Privacy Storing private information and actual ID is a privacy liability Publicly visible assurance without need to surrender private documents
Control Verify badges cannot be controlled once added to the profile, only deleted Users can easily toggle verification on or off, a meaningful gesture that visibly assures privacy
Platform Often verification and verified information is only available on mobile platforms Available on web browsers and mobile platforms
Accessibility ID verification is not equally available to everyone Available to all users for reassurance and peace of mind
Data Security Exchange of passwords and surrender of private documents means liability Avoids the risk of private data theft
Convenience Needs periodic reassertion of identity Continuous verification, avoiding interruptions that disrupt business
Professional Utility Private ID information is a black box others cannot review Allows individuals to showcase their professional career without sharing private information

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you cannot impersonate or masquerade using TruAnon. You cannot make multiple accounts because properties you confirm can only have one owner.

Yes, TruAnon does not rely on private information, leaving your service free from liability, review and dispute.

Yes, TruAnon allows any member to own and control their own privacy and offer their identity how and when they want.

Yes, people use TruAnon to boost confidence by verifying links and profiles together, and this tabulation is securely reflected on your service.

TruAnon APIs respectfully separate identity from the account, eliminating risks to your business and reducing flagged content chores.

TruAnon confirmation is immediate and continuous; 9 of 10 first-time users report being satisfied with their own report in about ten minutes.

TruAnon offers a safer, smarter and more affordable onboarding solution. The system immediately amplifies profiles, reduces staff, and creates a more trusted environment.