Uniquely powerful identity verification for business

TruAnon is the safety and accountability your community wants and expects.

TruAnon is a way for people to maintain a “badge of trust” and visibly promote their legitimacy on your site. They do this in order to engage safely with trusted badge wearing members and to avoid those without.

Used wherever trust & accountability are valued

gig economy & in-home services
Online classified & business networks
Ride/Apartment/Home Share Economy

Legitimate community members crave a more accountable trustworthy environment on nearly every online service, including yours.

Reduce Liability & Generate Revenue

Offer your members the privacy-conscious alternative people prefer, and verify any community with unbiased uniformity. Only TruAnon endows your service with peace of mind users gladly pay to support.

Automatic Visible & Self-Sovereign

TruAnon keeps identity in the hands of the person to which it belongs.

TruAnon is risk-free, easier than adding maps to your site. Start now, click the help button at the bottom of any page.

Your first 50 verifies are free, our offering is limitless.