Authentic identity for the digital world

Unique Offerings

TruAnon provides a social profile “Badge-of-Trust” creating a trusted ecosystem on your service. Also, TruAnon logically assures privacy while confirming facts such as driving record or COVID status.



A social way to let members back their own claim of legitimacy. The continuously updated social badge lets legitimate members visibly assert their accountability on your service. There is no value judgement or review, TruAnon is understood to be fair and unbiased —a level playfield equally accessable to all. This uniform tally of public confirmations lets legitimate members engage safely with trusted badge wearing members and avoid those without.

Private Confirmations

Confirmations such as driving record or even COVID status performed without need for copies or encryption. Data Curators remain in charge of the lock at their own doorstep. TruAnon confirms at both locations and acts just like double-doors between hotel rooms, you may proceed only when both sides are open. This doubly confirmed answer is known to come from the source and this chain of confirmations is solely under control of the rightful owner.

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